Two Year Old Boy Mauled By Dogs in Waterloo – KZN

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Two Year Old Boy Mauled By Dogs in Waterloo – KZN

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*Warning: Pictures Are Graphic & Not For Sensitive Readers.

A two year old boy was mauled by three (3) dogs on Rahima Moosa Road in Phase 6 Waterloo – KZN a short while ago (Monday).

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) received multiple calls from the public requesting urgent medical assistance for the child.

Reaction Officers and RUSA Paramedics were immediately dispatched and arrived on scene at approximately 15:03.

Upon examination, the boy was found to have sustained deep lacerations to his legs and face. He was stabilized before being expedited to hospital by ambulance.

It was established that the child was playing with friends on the road when three (3) Mongrel dogs escaped through a hole in the fence and attacked the child.

His friends fled and informed residents of the incident. The owner of the dogs was not at his residence at the time of the attack.

Reaction Officers could not immediately confirm if the dogs were inoculated.
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