Was Mdalican ever this romantic with Tlhogsta mara???

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Was Mdalican ever this romantic with Tlhogsta mara???

Post by scandaletv2024 »

Love is in bloom kwa #SiMdala 🥰.
Was Mdalican ever this romantic with Tlhogsta mara???

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Post by fortunate98 »

What if mdalicane is really in love with simone😔
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Post by florence73 »

I don’t remember Mdala expressing any romance to Tlhogi, yet he didn’t wanna let go off her.🤔🤔
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Post by johnny73 »

Mdala never loved tlhogi...he told lindiwe that
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Post by ngezi85 »

Another day to remind you that "If he wanted to,he would" ladies🤣
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Post by kwanele63 »

But we all know that Mdala is acting right.He just wants to please his friend its not love
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Post by pom8 »

I love this for them 🔥❤️ their love, connection, the gentleness oh my goodness 👌🏽 can they be official already...not forgetting Tlhogi & Taps🥰 ba tlogele go tatazela every time there's a knock on the door 😂
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Post by nonto54 »

Writers better make this couple work and then allow Taps and Thlogi to pompa pompana in peace.
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Post by lerato876 »

This is what men do...you stay with them for long they will never ever show u or express their love this way even if u wud struggle with him for so long then booom he finds the other 1 iyohhh he will even sell his plot for the new lady🤞🤞men for you🚮
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Post by akho90 »

I blame his aunt mdala doesn't love but he acts coz he is supposed to love
This is all because of that cruel picture in his head his parents killed ryt in front of his eyes
He married someone out of sympathy

Now he is in love with someone out of a favour kanti when will he do something for his own being.
Childhood traumas are the worst