Mass casualty bus accident leaves 36 injured on the N2 Gingindlovu

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Mass casualty bus accident leaves 36 injured on the N2 Gingindlovu

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Sunday, 10 March 2024

On Sunday morning, IPSS Medical Rescue and IPSS Search & Rescue responded to N2 near Bridge 14, between Gingindlovu and Amatikulu, after receiving reports of a multiple bus accident.

On arrival it was established that 3 busses carrying political supporters on their way to a rally in Durban, had collided leaving several passengers entrapped and multiple people injured. Additional resources were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Rural Metro Fire Department worked to extricate the entrapped, while medical personnel began the process of treating the injured.

IPSS Medical Rescue advanced life support stabilised and transported 8 of the most seriously injured patients, with injuries ranging from moderate to critical.

Multiple other services, including EMRS who had dispatched a mass casualty bus, worked to treat and transport the remaining patients who sustained more moderate injuries.

Traffic traveling south on the N2 was severely affected, but the scene has now been cleared.

A big thank you to all agencies on scene for handling a chaotic scene and ensuring the treatment of those injured.

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